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Laughing at Myself

by claybottress
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Oh, it’s so humiliating at times to be a newbie. My latest embarrassment goes like this: Now that I have my very own kiln(!), I have been obsessing about how I will glaze my 3D bottery, and have been watching a lot of youtube videos for techniques and inspiration. In my effort to commit to a style, I decided that I loved the texture of the pots and was worried that traditional glaze would hide the extruded and coiled nature of the the forms. I decided that I wanted a burnished or antiqued look, something that would rub color into the seams of the texture and accentuate what I liked the best.

The search term I chose to use on youtube was “antiquing clay” and a couple of videos showed up. I followed their advice and ordered supplies, and even started to “paint” some of my pots that were already bisqued from my time Clay Studio before the COVID quarantine.  Here are some of the explorations, as I tentatively started applying colors and treatments to some of the once-fired wares.


Imagine my surprise when I glanced at a product I was using to coat the base, called Bisque Primer

Note the Do not fire. part in the directions! WTH?

Yes, I had painted my wares with a product that could not be fired. The technique I learned on youtube was for antiquing without firing. I somehow missed that part.

In case you are interested, I am now using official underglazes, and have applied it to these forms so far.


These should fire just fine. Laughing at my newbie mistake, and starting over. Still having fun!

Love, CB





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