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General Catch Up

by claybottress
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No idea if anyone is reading any more – it feels like ages since I last wrote. But I’ve been so busy “doing” that I haven’t been sharing. So it’s time for a pretty big brain dump – bear with me.

I can hardly believe that I have only been botting for under three months. It seems like it’s been three years! Time really flies when you are stretching your brain in every direction, trying to learn new stuff!

This is a picture of my messy dining room, ummm, I mean bottery studio. Do computers and bots really mix? I am glazing in the background. And it’s nighttime. And the lighting is really bad, but I’m glazing anyway. Because I’m a little obsessive. The iPhone has really good low light lens and you would never know. If only I could apply glaze through that lens!

Here are some major accomplishments:

  1. I’ve made over 100 bot-pots! I’ve learned so much, and feel so much smarter for it – LOL.
  2. I own a kiln! I have already fired it 6-7 times and I’ve had it less than a month. Crazy cool.
  3. I have started to learn Rhino and Grasshopper, moving away from Fusion 360. I’ll explain why sometime soon.
  4. I have made amazing new contacts. I’m studying with one of the authors of Potterware. More on that soon too.
  5. I am enjoying being an art hermit in a Covid-isolated world
  6. I’ve ordered a pug mill
  7. I want a CNC router. That’s next-gen pottery geekdom

That’s all for the summary. Now, to get into some nitty gritty in future posts…

-Your faithful CB


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1 comment

Sara G May 29, 2020 - 7:42 pm

I like that it is high tech meets simple elements to create a state-of-the-art expression.

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