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by claybottress
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I haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been doing so much, and haven’t stopped to blog about it. The big news is that I got my first kiln and installed it in our garage.  When I saw it for the first time it looked way too big, but I have produced enough work to fill it twice and then some.

I’ve run two bisque firing so far. I made an early mistake of not leaving one of the peepholes open, and it didn’t get up to the right temperature. Easily remedied by reading the instructions a little more carefully the 2nd time around. The good news is that I do not give up easily. I fired at Cone 04, on a slow setting. I let the kiln warm up for an extra 4 hours, and held the temp at 20 minutes. No pieces were lost during either firing, so I’m quite pleased.

I am now frantically glazing, and hoping that I will love some of the results. I hope to run my first glaze fire of the 3D pieces in the next day or so.  Here are some pictures of some of my 3D printed objects, and some thrown and hand built work as well. I am mostly focusing on 3D printing at the moment, and have already produced about 60 pieces over the COVID artcation, I mean, home sheltering.


See you next time! -CB

1 comment

Dara Schaefer May 11, 2020 - 11:35 pm

So incredibly exciting and inspiring! I’m taking notes and making plans! ??

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