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Model Versus Clay 3/30/20

by claybottress
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As I continue to learn, I am searching for a balance between control and happy accidents. I happen to love the unpredictability of my 3D printed clay forms. Here is a new brain twister for you.

A model I created in Fusion 360, named hex_drip. I was aiming for the drips and loops that you’ll see in the clay print below.

The sliced model in Simplify 3D. I need to do an entire blog post about the mysterious world of slicing. It’s extra challenging because all the slicing software options made for 3D plastic printing. So they don’t truly understand clay, but still do an amazing job!

Resulted in this print! I love the way it collapsed in the middle on itself. Gives me lots of ideas for future experiments. Muah hahah!


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