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Model Versus Print – Crinkle Vase

by claybottress
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I had the idea for the crinkle vase, but I wasn’t sure if you could easily make the type of shapes I desired in Fusion 360.  On a YouTube hunt for answers, I found this video about a polymeric design for a speaker cover.

I took the technique shared in the video and made it on four sides of an extruded square. I extended the foot and top of the model to be flat, as I wasn’t sure how it would print if the geometry went all the way up to both ends.


I am really happy with how this turned out. I had some air bubbles due to not loading the extruder and clay tube perfectly, but I’ll get better over time. I plan to riff on this technique and idea, and then print larger on the big Scara when I can go to my big Clay Studio once we are out of self-isolation.

I used a size 3m nozzle, with 1.5m extrusion settings in Simplify 3D. I’d like to try it again with a thicker nozzle and a larger extrusion threshold. I have a lot of other shapes and ideas for this surface and vessel. I must figure out how to keep a log with all the experiments and variables. More on that soon.


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